What can we Sharpen?

Pretty much anything with a blade, including but not limited to:


  • Knives, all shapes and sizes, including serrated.
  • Knife repairs – damaged blades and tips
  • Food processor blades and mandolins
  • Scissors – kitchen and dressmaking.
  • Garden tools such as axes, loppers, secateurs, hedge clippers, spades, hand shears, edgers, builders’ chisels, manual planer blades.
  • Hoof knives.
  • In fact, just about anything with a cutting edge!

We have experience with many commercial kitchens, restaurants, cafes, schools, rest homes, hospitals, supermarkets, and vets, in addition to residential and domestic sharpening requirements.

Many of our valued customers invite us to their workplace or house for a few hours and organize a sharpening day for their work mates, friends & neighbours.