Excellent service and soooo good to finally have sharp knives 🔪

Amy Burton

Lance !!! What have you done.....The " axe " ( rather large chefs knife )
Hasn't been edging like this since the 80's
Youve brought new life to the kitchen drawer and a new zest and enthusiasm for cooking. Thanks for bringing back our knives.

Andrew Andersen

What an amazing service. I was ready to ditch my lovely high quality Japanese knives because they could no longer cut anything, the edges had literally worn away after years of use & infrequent sharpening at home. Lance came to my house …

Heidi Curley

Lance was really responsive with my enquiry and came out to our work and sharpened a number of our items. My expensive chef knives have the most beautiful keen edge on them, we are stoked. Fantastic work and Lance really takes great care.

Danielle Hancock

We put up with dull knives for way too long. Had I known sharp knives (and safer meal prep) was just a phone call away, I would have contacted Mister Sharp years ago. Lance appears very knowledgeable and will go out of his way to ensure his customers are satisfied.

Rachael Harwood

Fantastic service! Lance was nice and friendly, available within the week and worked quickly. I can't explain how good it is to be able to slice a tomato with ease! Knives were very cleanly sharpened and still holding their edge.

Rachel Simpson

We like our knives and Lance did too! Beautiful work, knives never been so tuned. Good price as well. Def recommend.

Chris Barton

Great service, edge last well and we always have sharp knives!

Nicolas Mendez

Lance is a bloody nice guy and did a great job with my knives and axes. Also turned up bang on time. Will use again next season, highly recommended!

Reagan White

We had our knives sharpened before the lock down and what a life changer! With all the home cooking imagine the frustration if we didnt have a full set of razor sharp knives.
Also had a great knife missing the top end which has been reshaped like new! Great result! AAA+++