Bay of Plenty / Taupo

Professional Knife Sharpener, Rusty covers the Taupo and Bay of Plenty with Mister Sharp mobile sharpening services. Able to sharpen a wide variety of knives,from machetes down to cheese knives. Scissors-household and dress makers. Garden tools- secateurs, loppers, hedge clippers(manual) axes, spades, edgers. Builders chisels and manual planer blades, whether for commercial or household use.

Based in Taupo but regular service visits to customers in Tauranga, Mt Maunganui, Papamoa and Rotorua.

For more information or to arrange your knives to be sharpened give Rusty a call. Locally owned and operated with very friendly service.

Please note I do not sharpen hair dressing scissors and dog grooming combs and chainsaws